“Disabled Workers Awarded Record Judgment in Abuse Case”

I read about this case when the news first emerged and was nauseated. This verdict is a huge victory for the Equal Employment Opportunity Commisson — the EEOC.

The New York Times published the AP story, yesterday:

A jury on Wednesday awarded $240 million to 32 mentally disabled men for what government lawyers say was years of abuse by a Texas company that arranged for them to work at an Iowa turkey-processing plant and oversaw their care, work and lodging.

The story of how these poor workers were treated is much, much worse than that paragraph suggests. Read the whole story; it’s short.

And note that the penultimate sentence says, “The defunct company is not expected to be able to pay anywhere near the full amount of damages.”

I think, therefore, the executives of these companies should also face criminal prosecution. What do you think?

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