Discovery: A ‘Perry Mason’ moment in court? Yes, but not really

It sounds dramatic, or melodramatic (by the way, has anyone been watching the original Perry Mason TV series on cable station MeTV, TWC channel 144? It’s weird, seeing TV in black and white, emphasis on the “white”. And maybe it’s the too-much make-up but everyone looks like everyone else.)

Truth is, Perry Mason moments do not happen in court, i.e., in a sudden spontaneous eruption from a lawyer. They happen, or are discovered, during the discovery process, when a lawyer spends a lot of time reading disclosed documents, like emails, or maybe watching videotapes or listening to tapes.

Here’s an instance of such a Perry Mason moment, as related in the ABA Journal: Man whose case was dismissed after ‘Perry Mason’ moment in court sues 5 police officers over arrest.


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