Divorce auction gets judge’s attention

Whatever possesses me to inform you further about the Fairchild divorce?

Not sure but maybe because today’s news about the Whitney Fairchild-James Fairchild divorce made the gossip columns of the Daily News. Where it probably belongs: Judge orders Whitney St. John Fairchild not to interfere with auction in divorce from James Fairchild – NY Daily News.

I’ve tried to grasp the facts here. Ms. Fairchild lives in the house with the Fairchild kids. James Fairchild doesn’t live in the house. The Fairchilds agreed to auction their household stuff as part of their divorce settlement. Mr. Fairchild has accused Ms. Fairchild of interfering with the auction people as they work through the household stuff and set it up for the auction. So now the male divorcing Fairchild wants his ex-wife removed from the house so she can’t interfere with the auction.

That’s it.

The auction is, as the Daily News column will inform you, is open to all of us. I will not be going. The photo of a gaggle of carefully arranged blue and white vases? pots? has put me off. I don’t think the Fairchilds and I share the same tastes.

P.S. You might find it astringent to veer away from the Daily News Confidential link to the story about celebrities who live below their means. I did.

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