Do we need to reactivate the word “defenestration”?

From Harper’s Weekly Review:

The last leader of the USSR, Mikhail Gorbachev, passed away at the same hospital where the chairman of Russia’s second largest oil producer, who had called for a speedy end to the war in Ukraine, fell to his death from a window.

Having remembered a bunch of Putin-resistant Russians died recently, I double checked. Can’t find a previous recent defenestration although I do recall at least one.

Maybe I was thinking about Jan Masaryk?

UPDATE at 4:14 pm. Russian front-line bloggers, heretofore supportive of Putin and his war, are criticizing him.

Also, Moscow Centre (that’s a sort of joke) is being closed down and emptied.

(I’m trying to paste in here a video I just saw but who knows?) Ooh, I did it.

Also, have you noticed the rooms Putin is pictured in seem not to have windows?

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