Outtakes and Vagabonds: Do you remember “Red Rubber Ball”?

No reason you should. I do, though. I was there, more or less, when it was written.

Music Choice reminded by by playing “Red Rubber Ball” the other day on their Golden Oldies channel (1829, Verizon), and I said to myself, “Oh, yeah. ‘Red Rubber Ball.'”

Which was composed by Paul Simon and Bruce Woodley in the bedroom of Barry Kornfeld’s apartment on Waverly Place in the Village.

Barry’s place was an unofficial hang-out or drop-in for whomever was around. Paul was a regular, Bruce not a regular but he was in town from Australia, or maybe London. I have no information about whatever conversation had to have happened which prompted them to pick up a guitar — Barry had a family of guitars sitting on stands in his living room — and seclude themselves in the bedroom.

It was sweet, really. A couple of times I strolled in for a moment and there they were, sitting on the edge of the bed, working it out.

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