Do you use PayPal? Pay attention to this lawsuit news

Uh-oh to all you folks who blithely use PayPal. (On the other hand, I use my credit card and today, ordering something on line for the first time from Target–you mustn’t ask what because I’m in a stew that I have to order anything from Target, a thing I used to buy in a NYC supermarket–the order didn’t go through. So I found myself having a chat with ‘Andy’, who, after a rather long time, told me the order hadn’t gone through and I should cancel it and start over.

I canceled it but then began thinking, Gee, Target now has my credit card info and it wasn’t that long ago that Target had a leetle problem with credit card info being stolen.

Why won’t my supermarkets sell what I was forced to look for on line? They used to.)

Anyway, that’s not this story. This is this story–how all that Dodd-Frank legislation stuff and the newly created CFPB really do help us consumers.

Why the CFPB Found PayPal’s Conduct ‘Abusive’

PayPal to pay $25M to settle allegations the company illegally signed up consumers for unwanted credit.

Jenna Greene, The National Law Journal

When are a company’s actions not just unfair and deceptive, but also abusive? A new case against PayPal Inc., which will pay $25 million to settle charges that the company illegally signed up consumers for unwanted credit, sheds light on a murky legal standard created by the Dodd-Frank Act.

Now all I can do is hope that Target hasn’t been hacked.

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