Docs versus Glocks: Docs win (for now)

Amazing. That good ole boy Rick Perry has made it into Sidebar twice today. Because:

An outrageous Florida law forbidding doctors to discuss the dangers of gun ownership with their patients was recently struck down by a federal judge. Shockingly, the law, known informally as Docs v. Glocks, was originally passed by the state legislature without any evidence whatsoever supporting the claims made in the NRA-backed bill that doctors were infringing on their patients’ Second Amendment rights by asking if they owned guns.

Rick Perry has announced he will appeal the decision, even though I don’t believe he is legislatively connected to Florida. I mean, Florida has it bad enough with their legislature and their massive-Medicare-fraud-perpetrating governor, Rick Scott. (So maybe the Rick Govs have a sort of deal to support each other? And gee, Rick Perry is kind of — what’s the expression? “doubling down” against doctors and health care. Pretty soon he’ll have driven all doctors and nurses out of Texas but kept all those guns!)

Here it is, via the web site And you can even watch a video! AND you can comment at the bottom of the piece. Please do:  Video: Gun Lobby Blocks Doc Gun Talk in Florida | Blog.

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