Dog bites man? No, SPIDER bites man. Twice

Ah, the Antipodes! Stuff goes on down under. Big stuff, small stuff, stuff that makes me think, “WTF is wrong with this guy’s experiential learning process?”

From today’s FiveThirtyEight Significant Digits (the digit in question was not this guy’s penis; a penis is not strictly speaking a digit, unless someone changed the definition without informing me):

2 times

An Australian man named Jordan has been bitten by a venomous spider on his penis two times in the past six months. Both incidents occurred on a portable toilet, which I assume he will avoid for the rest of his life. [BBC]

Which reminds me to inform you of a charmingly oddball TV series set in New Zealand called “800 Words” on One of the supporting characters is a portable toilet. Without walls or doors but the view, OMG!

Full disclosure: Acorn is not paying me a commission for this citation, although given how many hours I spend watching its shows, it damn well should.

Question for conspiracy theorists: can BBC investigate to learn whether it’s the same spider that bit the same man? If so, WHAT DOES IT MEAN?


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