Donald Trump, the trademark lawsuit.

Saw this in the New York Times and had to, had to pass it along to you on this fine morning of the Iowa caucuses. (It’s fine in New York City; I don’t know what’s going on in Iowa.) Among other pleasures within, you’ll see a photo of defendant Eddie Trump–these Trumps are not, it is reported, related to Donald–with a mop of suspicious hair. Hm. (Must say that Eddie Trump’s colorist is top notch.)

So here I am, musing over what category to attach to this item. I am sorely tempted to call it “strictly for laughter.” So OK, that’s what I’ve done. Although my sense of responsibility requires that I also call it “law, suits and order,” and “lawsuits of the filthy rich,” even though we all know Donald is not genuinely filthy rich. Except in his behavior.

Whatever. Enjoy.

Donald J. Trump once sued two real estate developers, Jules and Eddie Trump, claiming their use of the surname was “designed to reap the benefits” of his.

Source: How Donald Trump Tried to Protect His Name From Others Who Shared It – The New York Times

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