Don’t bite the medics, Arwa Damon!! Or you’ll be sued by them

Occasionally the Daily News’s letters to the editor page has a letter from a reader unhappy that the Daily News has printed only bad news about everything awful that’s going on in the world.

I always have the urge to explain that the reason for reporting on all this bad news is because … it’s news. And the job of a newspaper is to report on news.

In the case of the Daily News, a tabloid, there is another purpose: to report on stuff that has happened with a naughty or scandalous edge. Because that’s what a tabloid does.

Thus, I come to this piece of fairly wild news plus lawsuit plus bad behavior: CNN correspondent Arwa Damon apologizes after lawsuit claimed she bit 2 medics in drunken rage at U.S. Embassy in Baghdad – NY Daily News.

I mean, Arwa: didn’t your parents inform you when you were two years old that you can’t bite people?

Favorite line from this tidbit, via David Jaroslawicz, lawyer for the medics: “‘She was biting them both pretty furiously. She has good teeth…”

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