Don’t get injured in Wisconsin

From Jud Lounsbury, in the June 1, 2015 Washington Spectator:

During his first term as governor, [Scott] Walker took tort reform to a new level. One law he pushed through the State Assembly makes site inspection records of nursing homes inadmissible as evidence in court. If Grandma falls down a flight of stairs at the nursing home, you can’t use state inspection records documenting 12 previous incidents when residents have fallen down the same staircase to prove your point.

Patient abuse, malpractice and chronic unsafe conditions are now almost impossible to prove in Wisconsin’s courts.

Walker also presided over the capping of legal fees on more than 200 consumer laws, rates so low that most attorneys no longer represent such cases because it’s unlikely they can recover their costs.

He worked to eliminate a class of consumer-protection laws–including the “Lemon Law”–that awarded successful plaintiffs double damages.

These consumer-protection laws, once among the most well-regarded in the nation, included a punitive element that encouraged the seller of the product in question to make things right with the buyer.

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