Don’t read this item! It’s yuchy

Via today’s Daily News:

Just toe disgusting, sez suit vs. food firm

An Upper East Sider who says he found an animal toe in a package of artichoke spinach dip is suing the manufacturer and Fairway market for distributing it.

In a Manhattan Supreme Court lawsuit, Andrew Brodsky, 35, said he found the toe — with the nail attached — last September.

“He felt something very sharp on his tongue. He spit it out and found an animal digit with the nail still attached,” said Brodsky’s lawyer Michael Schlesinger.

Brodsky hasn’t been able to touch packaged foods, or watch other people eat them, for months, Schlesinger said.

A spokeswoman for Sabra, which made the dip, said the company employs “rigorous” quality control. — Barbara Ross


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