Don’t spend your money where? Florida

I’m sitting here, my fingers on the keys, musing over the so many reasons why nobody should go to and/or spend money in Florida.

  • Should I tell you about the time I took care of my elderly blind aunt in a low-level condo so far from any store I couldn’t shop for vegetables? If there was any good produce in Florida? Which I doubt? Because all of the good Florida produce is shipped to New York? Where, anyway, it isn’t as good as the produce you can get from local farmers at New York’s Greenmarkets?
  • Should I tell you about a trip to the Keys where the romantic impression I had had of them—that they were a sort of upside down Cape Cod—dissipated somewhere during the endless traffic gridlock on Marathon Key?
  • Should I tell you what my sister, a physician, says about the quality of medical care in Florida?
  • Should I mention Florida’s new governor, Rick Scott? I.e., Rick Scott, who ran a company involved in the nation’s largest Medicare fraud case, wants to be Florida’s governor – Sun Sentinel.?
  • And, speaking of the Sun, how about the dangerous Florida sun?
  • Or should I recommend that you read Carl Hiaasen’s wildly wonderful satirical crime stories that romp through Florida, which will surely disabuse you of any early-dementia notion that you retire there?
  • Yes. Carl Hiaasen. Read Carl Hiaasen.

And this editorial in yesterday’s Times which covers two recent Florida “Legislature” insanities, both involving guns: Pandering to the Gun Lobby –

Look, I realize this country is really crazy right now but really. Someone has to report on the madness, if only to warn us hapless sane people that we are not entirely helpless in our anger.

  • We can advise voters who live in these states that we are paying attention and that they should be paying attention when they vote.
  • And we can withdraw our support by not spending money on states such as Florida that have become asylums for the legislative criminally insane.
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