Don’t spend your money where? North Carolina

Here’s why: North Carolina Voters to Decide on Same-Sex Marriage –

Actually, they’re going to decide against same-sex marriage. So, on behalf of our gay friends and relatives — and on behalf of human rights — let’s not spend our money in or on North Carolina.

This means you won’t have to get conned into a vacation on the Outer Banks. Where I once was stuck during Christmas-New Year. Outer Banks = ugly, boring, dopey. Flat, flat, flat. The only mound is a lump of sand that they call Kitty Hawk. Devotedly Christian. The big outside-the-awful-condo adventure was to … WalMart. My first visit to a WalMart. My last.

(You want ocean? You want sand? You want loveliness? Go to Cape Cod. In any season.)

And a big industry in North Carolina is furniture. Below is a link to a directory of North Carolina furniture places, so you’ll know where not to buy furniture on line or in person. (I know you have local places whose business you should and could be supporting, undoubtedly at discount prices.)

North Carolina Furniture Directory featuring famous name brand furniture at discount prices direct from the manufacturers outlets and discount furniture stores including High Point NC furniture outlets.


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