Don’t spend your money where? Rome, Georgia

Further news in the moral and intellectual dumbing down of America: Shorter University [I dunno about that name], a “Christian Baptist university” [I dunno about that description, either] in Rome, Georgia [enough with these comments] is “requiring its employees to sign a statement saying they are not gay or else risk getting fired…”

Employees who sign the pledge promise to reject homosexuality, as well as premarital sex, adultery and other behavior the school says violates the Bible’s teaching…

“I think that anybody that adheres to a lifestyle outside of what the biblical mandate is … would not be allowed to continue here,” [school president Don] Dawless told [WSB-TV].

Oh, dear. Nothing more to be said, except that I won’t be getting any degree from Shorter University. Shorter University in Ga. requires employees to sign pledge saying they are not gay  – NY Daily News.

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