Don’t spend your money where? Texas, of course.

In the September 15, 2011 Washington Spectator, there’s so much radically horrifying news about Rick Perry I could quote the whole issue.

But won’t. Instead, I’m putting the Spectator’s website/blog thing on my Sites of Interest →, since the Spectator regularly deals with legal issues and can now be read on line.

Here’s the Spectator’s table of contents:

  • Rick Perry and the Father’s Day Massacre.
  • Perry’s Power Play Irrational and Vindictive.
  • Governor Denies Mentally Retarded Executed.
  • Perry Wages Veto War on the Poor.

See if you can read about Perry’s weird legislative, um, accomplishments without hissing. Go ahead; try; I dare you. Plenty of Texas Republican legislators are hissing along with you.

And take a close look at the Spectator’s FYI, on page 4. It focuses on a big Rick Perry donor named Bob Perry who, among other nefarious acts, financed a “successful campaign that makes it more difficult for individuals to sue corporations in Texas.”

This is definitely the province of Sidebar for Plaintiffs. (And for those of you who remember my March post, Republicans Rewrite Rules for Wisconsin’s Courtroom, also from the Washington Spectator … yes, we’re citing Texas for similar legislative offenses against individuals. And what do these two states have in common? The Koch Brothers! who are Texans! and who bought Wisconsin in the last election!)

Bob Perry “contributed $4.45 million to Swift Boat Veterans for Truth, the shadowy group that impugned the military record of Senator John Kerry in the 2004 election. Last year, Perry donated $7 million to American Crossroads, Karl Rove’s Super PAC.”

So this guy (not related to Rick Perry except in his politics and character) buys elections. Along with the Koch Brothers. And John Mackey, the self-servingly “libertarian” nut who founded Whole Foods.

They all come out of Texas. Where we will not be going and spending our money, will we?

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