Don’t spend your money where? The Koch Boys are back

It’s all about who financed the conservative SuperPAC interns who made a fake sex tape with a panda and Hillary Clinton.

From the blog Feminista:

So let me get this straight: FreedomWorks had two interns dress up, one as Hillary Clinton and the other as a panda and they made a fake sex tape?  What kind of weird, creepy, misogynist operation was Dick Armey and  Matt Kibbe running?  Okay, I know that question is rhetorical.

It seems to me that this might be the tip of the iceberg in terms of questionable judgment on the part of FreedomWorks.  It’s no surprise that this tea party group is so misogynist, because these are the same folks that oppose the passage of the Violence Against Women Act.

So this could also be posted under my The Global War Against Women category.

Oh yeah. So once again my advice is: don’t buy Quilted Northern toilet paper.

P.S. There’s a really funny parenthetical comment in this piece. You’ll enjoy it even as you engage in deep philosophical musings about whether it’s always conservative organizations that employ unfunny juveniles.


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