Don’t want to get you too excited (part 3) but…

A couple of the poll averages I look at every day on are, of course, Trump’s approval/disapproval ratings and the generic Congressional ballot numbers.

As everyone has noted — with incredulity — Trump’s approval has been hovering in the low 40s for years. In March 2020, he reached a high of 45.8.

Today, his number is 40.9. Will he sink below 40?

As for the Who is winning the generic Congressional ballot numbers?, the Democrats have been 7.9 points ahead of the Republicans for the past several months.

Not anymore. Today it is 8.2.

Maybe these are small increases and maybe they mean nothing much. But they do mean something, and it is good.

Note: You who fear that the evil eye is watching over any hopeful whisper and is poised to bring the house down if you believe it could happen: do whatever ritual you require to sedate yourself into your usual pessimistic languor. I’ve been told one Jewish warding-off-the-evil-eye ritual involves saying “poo-poo-poo” and maybe spitting and waving your hands around. Just a suggestion.


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