“Door May Open for Challenge to Secret Wiretaps”

Although I am, of course, fascinated by the complex of stories and legal and emotional arguments regarding privacy, security, leaks and the NSA, I haven’t found an issue that can meet my (very loose) criteria for reporting anything about this on Sidebar.

This story is well beyond my minimal capacities for legal comprehension. I’ve got my knee-jerk feelings, natch, but don’t feel like jerking my knee publicly about this — at least not for now.

Yet, here’s a piece from the New York Times: Door May Open for Challenge to Secret Wiretaps – NYTimes.com. And I link this because, as it happens, I was catching up with my The Good Wife new season programs last night. So what happened in that first show of the season? Alicia and her partners sue the NSA on behalf of a Google-like company and its demanding CEO. Much more dramatic (and disturbing) was the show’s portrayal of an NSA spying set-up (it was huger than the NYT newsroom) and a couple of situationally amoral yet charming young geeks who do the spying, and their bosses who get secret warrants to OK the spying.

Since the show undoubtedly filmed months ago, I guess we can call the Good Wife creators and writers prescient.

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