“‘Druggie’ Prof Hit With Suit”

So say Barbara Ross and Larry McShane in the Daily News.

Here’s what I’m thinking: we lost one John Travolta masseur lawsuit but gained a Frank Barone and his live-in girlfriend lawsuit! She who describes Barone —a “renowned SUNY research scientist” — as a “knife-wielding, pot-smoking, ex-amateur wrestler who turns violent when his sexual demands are rejected.”

This is a juicy story. And the juice, in part, is a “stash of illegal narcotics … including Valium, Oxycontin and Percocet.” Oh, and marijuana brownies at his Downstate Medical Center office. Oh and more juice: guns at home and knives in the car. Oh, and he’s violent to her, too.

Yes, I know, Barone isn’t a celebrity. But don’t his alleged actions mean something? C’mon, admit it. You want to know more. So here you go:  SUNY Prof. Frank Barone a violent druggie, girlfriend claims in $12 million lawsuit – NY Daily News.

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