During this time of deep malaise, my escape

Last night I was telling my brother how lucky I am.

I know everyone is exhausted by our national nightmare. We are all beyond depressed. Anxious, wanting it over. Somehow. We don’t care how.

But I have a built-in refuge from the grim prospects.

I have a football team. And last night, just before my brother arrived for a going out to dinner thing, I was selecting my Giants team the day before the team actually did their cut-downs.

Most of my picks were their picks, too. A few surprises. There are always a few surprises.

One of the reasons why football can be more than just an escape, can be warming and rewarding, popped up in a New York Post story I saw today about our kicker, Aldrick Rosas.

Here are the excerpts:

Giants kicker Aldrick Rosas, one of the best at what he does, is rooting for Carli Lloyd, U.S. women’s national soccer team legend, to become the first female to line up for field goals, extra points and kickoffs in the NFL.

Lloyd, 37, opened eyes last Tuesday when she drilled a 55-yard field goal at a joint practice between the Ravens and Eagles. The kick was straight and true and prompted Eagles kicker Jake Elliott to exclaim, “Unreal stuff.”

That caught the attention of Rosas, who has been following Lloyd’s soccer exploits for quite some time.

“She’s a real role model to me,” Rosas said after Thursday night’s 31-29 preseason victory over the Patriots. “I saw the video of her kicking the field goals and she looks good, really good. It is impressive to see her kick like that. I have been following her and she is a great soccer player. I can’t wait to see her continue her career in whatever path she chooses.”

Carli Lloyd…

Baltimore Ravens' Sam Koch holds the ball for

…role model for NFL kicker Aldrick Rosas.

Image result for Aldrick Rosas

Love them all.

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