Educating our children: not the way to do it

I’m so vehemently opposed to the deceit of “charter schools” (translation: pseudo private schools — some of them profit-making — which con parents and steal money from public school education), I read this, first on Twitter, and went nuts. So did a lot of other tweeters.

From 538 Significant Digits:

$2 billion philanthropic effort

On Twitter Thursday, Jeff Bezos β€” likely the richest man in the world, with a net worth well north of $150 billion β€” announced a $2 billion philanthropic effort to help homeless families and start a network of preschools. β€œThe child will be the customer,” the Amazon CEO, just a totally normal and helpful guy, wrote in his statement. [NBC News]

Do I need to say anything further? Like, children are not “customers”? That I am incensed, after people accumulate massive amounts of money, they suddenly decide they know better about educating kids than do our teachers? Public school unionized teachers?

Someone on Twitter wrote to Bezos, If you want to help educate American kids, why don’t you take all that money and pay it to the IRS?


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