“Eli Manning, NY Giants rip New Jersey memorabilia dealer over lawsuit”

Of course, I have to report on this lawsuit. The Daily News piece by Christian Red [what a great name!] begins:

Eli Manning and the Giants took a major step toward sacking a New Jersey memorabilia dealer Thursday, with both parties filing motions to dismiss a lawsuit that alleges the Super Bowl MVP quarterback and Big Blue sold bogus game-used jerseys and other collectibles to unwitting customers.

“In a shameless effort to grab media and public attention, plaintiff and his attorneys filed this baseless action on the eve of Super Bowl XLVIII – which was not so coincidentally set to take place in the very stadium that the New York Giants play their home games and tactically included as a defendant, Eli Manning the franchise quarterback of the Giants,” wrote Manning’s attorneys, referring to Eric Inselberg.

The hard copy headline is “Eli and Giants throw flag at N.J. dealer.” Love those puns.

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