Empire State Building files $1.1 million suit for topless shoot

Am I shameless? Maybe. This story from the Daily News is about a lawsuit. But mostly it’s got a heap of color photograph with what would be bare boobs except that the photographic editor puts that fuzzy stuff over the boobs:

Photographer Allen Henson, who took topless photos of women on observation deck of Empire State Building in August, is now being sued for $1.1 million by the management.

He better come up with his breast defense. [You’d expect this pun from the Daily News.]

Empire State Building management has filed a $1.1 million lawsuit against a photographer for taking pictures of a topless woman at the skyscraper’s packed 86th floor observatory.

Nevertheless, be warned: do not plan to go to the observation platform of the Empire State Building and expose your breasts to a camera. Even in August. (It does look like it’s raining, doesn’t it?)

The Empire State will sue you.

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