Employment lawsuit: “Jets Sued by Cheerleader”

Oh and as a Giants fan, do I need to tell you about this! Sure, especially because the Giants are one of the few NFL teams that don’t have cheerleaders, a foolishly clad band, their own marching song, or a mascot.

Nope, so the Giants are not likely to be sued by a cheerleader for paying her less than the minimum wage:

The Jets on Tuesday became the fourth N.F.L. team to be sued by their cheerleaders for back wages.

Krystal C., a former member of the Flight Crew, said in a class-action complaint filed in state court in New Jersey, where the Jets play, that the team failed to pay her for mandatory practices and appearances, or reimburse her for a host of work-related expenses.

Krystal, who did not provide her last name out of safety concerns, was paid $150 per game. When including her other nonpaid work, she was paid $3.77 per hour, well below the state minimum wage.

Not sure why “Krystal” doesn’t want her last name used. How many Krystals do this job for the Jets? And what are her “host of work-related expenses”? Or maybe I don’t want to know more. So….Jets Sued by Cheerleader – NYTimes.com.

UPDATE 5/7/14. It’s unusual that the Daily News doesn’t get in on this kind of lawsuit reporting before the Times, but, in the spirit of never too late: Ex-member of the NY Jets’ Flight Crew cheerleading squad files suit over low wages  – NY Daily News.

And of course the Daily News is much better than the Times in the pun department. The hard copy headline is JETS GAL: GIVE ME AN OWE!, and the first paragraph is:

The Jets are Gang “Not a Lot of” Green when it comes to paying their cheerleaders, a new lawsuit charges.

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