Entertainment Lawsuits Weekly

I just threw that in, about “weekly.” I don’t know whether there will be another week with a couple of entertainment lawsuits.

Here is Prince’s lawsuit: Prince Files Lawsuit Over Links to Music File-Sharing Sites – NYTimes.com. Confession: I’m not sure who Prince is. Oh, of course I know he’s a singer-songwriter of great renown but I’m not sure I’d recognize his voice on the radio, or his face if I saw him on the street, and I don’t know what tunes he’s written.

But this is the kind of lawsuit that will flourish, I’ll bet, in the New Age of File-Sharing. And personally I hope that some day I will find myself suing someone known only as TheUltimateBootlegExperience, because it’s all so very purple hazy, no? And it’d look great on a lawsuit caption.

And then there’s Quentin Tarantino’s lawsuit against Gawker. Tarantino Sues Gawker for Posting Film Script – NYTimes.com. And yes I know who Quentin Tarantino is and was even able to recognize him when he lived around the corner from me and walked the very same streets I walk.

If some web site grabbed a script I’d written and posted it without my permission, I’d be pissed too. And we know what I do when I’m pissed. So, ex-neighbor, I cheer you on.

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