Escaping from justice by boat? Better take a look at this

From the uber-estimable and uber-funny Kevin Underhill on his Lowering the Bar blog:

    • As we’ve discussed before (see, e.g., this and this and also this and this too), if you’re even going to try to flee from the authorities via water, you really need a boat. But if you have a boat, you also need to be able to operate it. According to this report, a Brooklyn lawyer suspected of stealing client funds sold her house and then, along with her husband, bought a boat and tried to sail it to St. Croix. This bold plan to flee over 1,600 miles by sea came up—let’s see—1,550 miles short, because they ran aground in Atlantic City.
    • Also, had they reached St. Croix, they still would’ve been in the U.S., or at least in an unincorporated territory thereof. Can U.S. authorities apprehend you in such a place? They certainly can. You could try Morocco, which doesn’t have an extradition treaty with the U.S., but that’s even further than Atlantic City.

I was in a quandary over how to categorize this item. So I decided on (a) Communicating With Lawyers (who are avoiding you, the client), (b) Retainers and Legal Fees (maybe stolen), and (c) Getting the Media Involved, which I’m pretty sure the escaping-by-boat lawyer did not really desire.

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