Even in war, some good things can happen

The International Court of Justice votes unanimously in favor of Ukraine, ordering Russia to cease the invasion immediately. The Court also investigated and denied Russia’s claim that Ukrainians were committing “genocide.”

Biden announces the U.S. will send drones (called Switchblade drones) to Ukraine. (I must be feeling very belligerent since I’m liking drone names.) And a lot of other stuff. “It includes 800 anti-aircraft systems to make sure that the Ukrainian military can continue to stop the planes and helicopters that have been attacking their people,” Biden said.

From the Kyiv Independent newspaper: Melitopol mayor released from Russian captivity. Ivan Fedorov was released five days after being abducted following a Ukrainian “special operation,” according to Kyrylo Tymoshenko, deputy chief of staff for President Zelensky. He will shortly return to his duties as mayor.

A Russian-owned superyacht is stranded in Norway because local oil suppliers refuse to refuel the ship. The yacht (named Ragnar, so I hear) is owned by Russian oligarch Vladimir Strzhalkovsky, a former KGB agent and longtime associate of Vladimir Putin.

Today, President Joe Biden signed the re-authorization for the Violence Against Women Act, a key segment of the omnibus spending bill.

Just a few hours ago, I was talking to my friend Andrea about everything that’s going on. We got into how resourceful and inventive human beings were and somehow that led to hackers. She said if only they’d do some good instead of disrupting things. I told her they were. And that was before I learned this: the hacker collective Anonymous has taken down the official website of the Kremlin.

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