Everything you wanted to know about the Martin Shkreli trial…

Aside from my admission that it’s virtually impossible to spell his name correctly the first or even second time you type it. (Don’t believe me? Try it.)

Oh, and: I don’t know who Lauren Duca is. Which is too bad because, as you’ll see in the second paragraph, her comment about Shkreli is magnificent.

This is from Lowering the Bar. That is, prepare yourself to rock with laughter:

  • The main thrust of that article, though, was to note a typically crude and juvenile social-media post by Shkreli in which he said that if he’s acquitted, he’ll “get to f___ Lauren Duca.” He won’t, even if he is—Duca said today she stood by her statement in January that she would “rather eat [her] own organs” than go out with him. Anyone who does prefer dating him to self-cannibalism should hurry, because Monday may be the last day he’s available for quite a while.

AND UPDATE 8/4/2017 2:58 pm. He’s found guilty.

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