Ex-client sues ex-designer for…well, it’s complicated

I’m feeling a lot more cheerful today about lawsuits, although I haven’t entirely recovered from the Cupcake Wars. (In fact, I’m probably mad enough to go over to Eighth Street and buy a cupcake from the Apple Cafe Bakery.) But today the Daily News’s Barbara Ross has a lawsuit more swirly and more delicious than the Magnolia Bakery one.

Keep up with me here: Tommy Hilfiger’s ex-wife is suing her ex-designer (got all those exes?) who, in court papers, called her an “out-of-control ‘shopaholic,'” for … well, according to the designer, “because he wouldn’t marry her.” Oh, and surprise! the designer is gay.

Anyway, Susan Hilfiger spent $10 million on decorating and furnishing (in a stunning display of pot-calling-the-kettle-blackism, she’s accusing the designer of overcharging!) a Nantucket house and one in Greenwich, Connecticut.

So we’re back to my application of Richard Pryor’s definition of cocaine. “Spending $10 million on furnishing two houses and then suing your interior designer either because he overcharged you or because he’s gay and won’t marry you is god’s way of telling you you got too much money in the divorce settlement.”


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