Ex-law partner takes $69,000 reimbursement for…cab fare?

Why should we care? Here’s why I do: the guy’s law firm, a big big one, sued him. So this is about a lawsuit.

But it also causes me to wonder: if this guy was charging his law firm this much money for cab fare, what was he billing their clients in expenses?

I’ve written about how to review (and why you should review) a draft closing statement from your lawyer before you accept a settlement check. (Briefly, because your lawyer’s costs and disbursement should be itemized on it, and you do want to see what he’s charging because those charges are going to be deducted from the gross settlement. That is, they will come out of your share of the settlement money.)

Here’s the brief abstract from the ABA Journal: Ex-Sidley partner says $69K cab-fare reimbursement was used for firm-related purposes – ABA Journal.

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