Lawsuits of the Filthy Rich: Ex-spouses re-open divorces week

The other day we had Frank McCourt’s ex-wife, re-suing him for hiding assets in their divorce agreement.

And yesterday, we have this: Suit by Ex-Wife of SAC’s Cohen Revived on Appeal –

Do you wonder whether Mrs. Cohen heard about Mrs. McCourt and said, “Hey, this is an idea.”

Or maybe this was just Ex-Spouses of Very Rich Men Suspect Hidden Assets and Appeal to Re-Open Their Divorce Lawsuits Week.

There should be some public recognition of this event, shouldn’t there? Maybe a ritual. I’d suggest all ex-spouses who are re-opening their divorces gather at one of the beautifully renovated Hudson River piers off Greenwich Village, tear up xerox copies of their divorce decrees, throw them into the air … and then get arrested by the Parks police for littering.

So no, maybe someone could bring an hibachi and we’ll have a ritual cremation. Or does that breach an EPA rule?

Someone, come up with something! These ex-spouses need whatever the opposite of “closure” is.

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