“Ex-Trump Aides Hunt for Untapped Voters, and Proof of Fraud”

The central jab in this story about a new right-wing group who intend to register rural voters is their second goal–having “poll watchers”  with cameras at voting booths to take pictures of “fraudulent voters.”

Source: Ex-Trump Aides Hunt for Untapped Voters, and Proof of Fraud – The New York Times

As usual, I am transfixed by the readers’ comments to this story. One in particular knocks me out and deserves to be read widely. And bolded. Thank you, Faith:


Indiana, PA 5 hours ago

Every day it is some new evil. My nerves are already frayed by what these people (republicans, white supremacists, nazis) are doing. There must be some way to stop the madness! If not, I need to develop an ulcer now, before I lose my healthcare.

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