Expensive vacations? Don’t ask (I’ll tell you)

Two little items today. First from 538 Significant Digits:

1.5 percent

The King of Saudi Arabia vacationed in Morocco and the trip cost around $100 million. This is an immense figure, even in the context of a national economy: It’ll end up being around 1.5 of the entire 2017 foreign tourism revenue for the nation of Morocco. [The New York Post]

Then this, which I picked up from Jennifer Granholm and a whole bunch of very pissed off people on Twitter (oh, before you read it, scream, go on, get it out of your system now–because guess who’s paying the tab?):


Following the cost to taxpayers of the Trump kids’ overseas trips? Add another $100k for car rentals in Italy.


Tiffany Trump‘s Berlin trip cost taxpayers at least $22,000-I’m seeing a trend here & it ain’t good.


Daily Mail reports the State Dept. spent $100,000+ on car rentals during Tiffany Trump‘s recent Italy vacation.

American taxpayers paid for $117,489 worth of car rentals during Tiffany Trump‘s recent Italy vacation

Sometime this year, first-year law school student Tiffany Trump will have to take an exam about the emoluments clause and impeachment law.


Replying to

$117K for Tiffany Trump‘s car rentals pales in comparison to $2 million for rentals for Trump’s 48-hour Italy trip


Full Tiffany Trump spiral before 9am time to delete instagram again




Tiffany Trump‘s on a yacht off the Italian Riviera at the taxpeyers’ expense for her Secret Svc protection. This is some bullshit, folks!



Thought $60K on golf cart rentals was bad? Taxpayers spent $100K on car rentals for Tiffany Trump‘s Italy vacation.





Can we pls talk about how Tiffany Trump has basically vanished from the face of the earth lol



Struggling to make rent this month? Tiffany Trump just spent $100K (taxpayer money) for Car Rentals in Italy




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