Expulsion from Congress

Since everybody’s talking about expelling Marjorie Taylor Greene, et al., from the House, I thought to do some essential work: how can someone be expelled from the House?

It took me a few minutes to learn that expulsion requires a vote of two-thirds, i.e., 67 percent, of the House members. As the House is currently constituted — 211 Republicans and 221 Democrats (there are three vacant seats at the moment), an expulsion vote would require 294 votes, which would mean that 73 Republicans would have to join the Democrats to get rid of her.

It doesn’t seem likely, not right now.

But I’m sure the chairs of any committees these duly-elected crazy and violent people might be on can figure out how to render them void. It shouldn’t be too difficult to treat them as pariahs.

It seems more likely to me that Greene and any other congressperson who can be implicated in the terrorist insurrection attempt — and boy are there videos and emails! because these creatures are not smart and do not understand law — can be indicted for sedition, etc.

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