Extraordinary times, extraordinary terms

On Twitter there’s been some, uh, discussion–well, no, forceful argument–about the inappropriate cleanliness of the term “alt-right.”

Charles Blow has declared he won’t use the term:

  • I’m getting tired of writing “alt-right.” I’m going just write “racist white nationalists.” I’m old school. No need to rebrand racism.


And “Reich” has quite a few meanings, none of them propitious: Wealthy. Rich. Bigly. (I made that up, but “big” is definitely a meaning for “reich.”) And: Empire. Realm. Kingdom.

So from now on I will call the ugly force that pushed Trump into what we’re facing now the Alt-Reich.

Next, I can’t call Trump by the title of his next job, so I’ll call him NMP (Not My President).

Given what’s been going on, I have a feeling there will be more new terms. I’ll keep this up to date.


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