“Fair Housing Act can trip up unwary co-op boards”

Malcolm Carter, a real estate broker, writes a blog about, well, New York City real estate. Today his piece is about a $1 million lawsuit against a co-op board for discriminating against a potential buyer who is African.

I’m aware that co-op boards can generally reject anybody for any reason and don’t have to explain the rejection. It’s just a “no, we’re not going to let you buy here,” and that’s it.

There have been many lawsuits against co-op boards and board members—recently and most notably the one concerning The Dakota—but this is perhaps the first time I’ve been made aware that the Fair Housing Act applies to co-ops, as well as rentals.

Here’s Malcolm’s piece: Fair Housing Act can trip up unwary co-op boards «. And here’s his follow-up on the Dakota lawsuit.

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