False arrest lawsuit v NYPD, but with a hitch

From yesterday’s Daily News, by John Marzulli. The hard copy headline is “$2M false-arrest suit says cops got ruff on pet,” so be warned:

A Brooklyn man has filed a $2 million false arrest lawsuit against the NYPD − but it was his dog who got the worst of it.

Gregory Drummond alleges that after he was wrongly arrested at his Bushwick apartment building last September, cops dumped his dog off at the pound, where it was neutered, according to the suit filed in Brooklyn Federal Court.

Drummond insists he asked the cops to call his girlfriend about the dog but they ignored him. The cops apparently thought Drummond was a squatter in the Schaefer St. building and the dog a stray − neither of which was true, the suit states. “The plaintiff did not wish to neuter his dog,” the suit further notes.

He was cleared of the criminal charges in May and is seeking damages for his own emotional distress. The NYPD had no immediate comment on Drummond’s allegations.

Oh dear. This is the sort of situation/lawsuit that should be dealt with in a way that does not involve the federal court system. I think.

I really like the homey, plain-spoken quality of that “The plaintiff did not wish to neuter his dog.”

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