“Fan Sues After Untimely Nap Brings Unwanted Attention”

This one is so nuts, or so I think. I mean, you fall asleep during a Yankee-Red Sox game and the camera catches you at it. Um?

This story actually made both the New York Times and the Daily News − and probably every other site everywhere in the universe: Fan Sues After Untimely Nap Brings Unwanted Attention – NYTimes.com. Perkily, it begins:

The television cameras at baseball games often catch fans in semi-embarrassing moments, and good sports announcers are adept at poking gentle fun at spectators when the action on the diamond slows down.

But one Yankees fan who was filmed as he slept soundly through an April 13 game between the Yankees and the Red Sox has sued Major League Baseball, the Yankees and ESPN, claiming the images of him asleep and the announcers’ commentary has damaged his reputation.

The suit, filed in State Supreme Court in the Bronx last week, seems to be a case of life imitating art, recalling the “Seinfeld” episode in which George Costanza’s reputation is destroyed and his girlfriend breaks up with him after a television camera catches him gluttonously digging into an ice cream sundae at the United States Open.

I don’t even know how to categorize this lawsuit. Personal injury? Defamation? Civil mockery? Oh, hey, I’ll just label it anything that comes to mind.

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