“Fatal Attraction:” Above the Law weighs in on that ultra-messy lawsuit

I tried, several times, to make sense of the Angela Kovalesky/Samir Tabar/Tabar’s new girlfriend lawsuit.

I got weary.

But here is Above the Law, again weighing in on the mess (there’s a link in one of my links, above, to the first story I picked up from Above the Law) — which got Tabar fired from his “Biglaw” job. Above the Law’s new take is … could this case be a Fatal Attraction sort of situation? And to illustrate their post there’s a photo of Glenn Close looking, well, like Glenn Close in the film. Murderous. (We will not consider that rabbit, will we?)

Anyway, I may be tired of this story but I am not tired of another POV to any story, especially because Above the Law has read Tabar’s answer and counterclaims to the Kovalesky complaint. It’s what makes lawsuits so fascinating: there are at least two sides. (I’d LOVE to sit on the depositions. But no, all you eager-beaver deposition questioners: we do not get to attend depositions for a case we have nothing to do with. We can only attend our own depositions, and the depositions of our opponents.)

 Fatal Attraction: Was The Biglaw Associate Accused Of Abuse Actually The Victim?

Glenn Close as Alex Forrest: she’s not going to be ignored.

One of the biggest Biglaw stories of 2014 so far has been the lawsuit filed by Angela Kovalesky against her ex-boyfriend, New York lawyer Samir Tabar. The beautiful blond Kovalesky alleged that Tabar physically abused her, threatened her with a knife, and stalked her — by dropping a dog tracker into her purse, among other things.

These allegations didn’t sit well with Tabar’s employer, Schulte Roth & Zabel. Not long after the filing of Kovalesky’s salacious suit, SRZ terminated Tabar’s employment. His impeccable pedigree — Oxford, Columbia Law, and Skadden Arps, plus some time in finance — couldn’t save him from the ax.

But what if turned out that the allegations were fabrications? What if it turned out that Kovalesky, not Tabar, was the actual abuser? What if it turned out that Kovalesky was, well, a psycho ex-girlfriend — about as sane as Alex Forrest in Fatal Attraction?

This is, in a nutshell, what Tabar alleges, in his answer and counterclaims in Kovalesky v. Tabar. And it’s what his new gorgeous girlfriend — actually, his fiancée — also asserts, in her own lawsuit against Angela Kovalesky….


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