Federal government must produce overarching standards for elections and voting

Which is what I suggested when I got scared by reading the New York Times article on the 2016 Russian hacking and election snafus in North Carolina.

A simple idea, right? It’s one role I think the federal government takes upon itself: to override the tangle of state laws, rules and regulations–exemplified, but not exclusively, by election procedures and laws, now governed by each state with migraine-producing results–when state citizens are victimized by over-politicized and often corrupt state governments.

Excellent current example: Texas. The state government of which is apparently a wholly owned subsidiary of massive corporations and has eliminated any restrictions to corporate hegemony.

One set of federal rules, procedures and laws that would support our voting. In every state.

Sounds so logical to me.

But when I tweeted something along these simple lines–in reference to the NYT article–I got this response/riposte:

Sep 1

 Replying to

federalizing cheating by Democrats? I think not.

(I’m sitting here, shaking my head, trying to figure out if there’s anything to say about this. I figured it out: there isn’t.)


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