Filing a grievance against a lawyer 11 (The holiday card!)

Yes, I just got a holiday card from Dinkes & Schwitzer, the law firm that represented me in my personal injury case. That’s the same law firm I filed a grievance against in the Disciplinary Committee.

Here’s what it says, with exact punctuation (the card is silver with embossed fat snowflakes):

Wishing You every Happiness this Holiday Season and Throughout the Coming Year. Dinkes & Schwitzer, PC.

Gee, if they’re not taking me off the Xmas card list, I suggest they print alternative cards to send to ex-clients like me. Sorta, kinda like this:

Wishing You would go away this Holiday Season and Throughout the Coming Years and that We never Hear From You or the Disciplinary Committee Again!

But it does remind me that I haven’t heard from the Disciplinary Committee, haven’t received its decision on my complaint. So I’m writing a little (holiday) letter to ask what’s happening.

And oops, maybe I should send a copy to Dinkes & Schwitzer, with a little note at the bottom: Happy Holidays!?

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