Finally a couple of good things

Marty Walsh, our Secretary of Labor, announced on Twitter when the Biden Admin took office, over 18 million Americans were receiving UI benefits. Now, that number has dropped to 1.4 million. (That’s some drop.)

Washington State’s gov Jay Inslee signed a new law regulating ride share transportation companies which will greatly benefit ride share drivers, providing for minimum per-trip payments, paid sick leave, and workers’ compensation benefits, while allowing the drivers to maintain their status as independent contractors.

You’ve heard about Twitter’s “poison pill”? Although I’ve heard the expression for years, I never quite understood how it worked. So…it will stop any shareholder from owning more than 15% of the company. Elon Musk goes splat. (Have to say, I’m confused about what Musk could do to Twitter if he owned it. If he did things we users didn’t like, we’d leave and go somewhere else. Glad we don’t have to concern ourselves with this at the moment but I remain bewildered by the level of hysteria in our society.)

Medical debt will no longer be included on credit reports starting in July. The credit agencies announced the change — after being pushed by the Biden Administration via the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB).

Cherry blossom season has started in New York City, and will last a few weeks.

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