Finding a lawyer: advice from a legal blog

I’m impressed with this article from Legal Law Help, a legal blog. For one thing, it’s presumably written by a lawyer and somehow isn’t condescending or brusque. Indeed, it even gives some tips on how to assert yourself when you first interview lawyers. I like that part.

And I actually agree with quite a lot of it, although I do have differences about the “word of mouth” approach to finding a lawyer. I’ve pointed out here that the recommendation of a friend or relative can be meaningless. Does the friend or relative know enough about the legal process to understand whether his lawyer really did a good job? And is that friend’s ego inextricably bound up with knowing the Right People? Or is that friend a universal kvetch?

But there are certain obvious good-advice paragraphs in here and some warnings, especially the one about not hiring a lawyer from a TV ad.

Keep in mind as you read it, though, that this blog exists in large part to advertise and recommend lawyers. Insofar as this piece is pretty general and doesn’t lead you down a path to a particular lawyer or specialty, it is good. Insofar as the ulterior motive is to get you to check into their listed lawyers, well, keep this in mind as you read it.


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