Finding a lawyer: Ashley Madison plaintiffs will have problems

As if they didn’t already. But this problem involves finding a lawyer to sue Ashley Madison. Because some lawyers don’t want these cases.

Of course this story has hit the media big time but I clipped this article because it’s from a respected law journal, i.e., it’s telling the story from a lawyer’s point of view.

It may surprise you that lawyers do turn down potential clients for such a large case, and it’s generally instructive to find out why. There are a couple of reasons–and at least one of them is extra-legal, i.e., it’s not flattering to Ashley Madison customers. Here’s how one lawyer describes them:

“Every one of your clients is from day one on record being a liar and a cheat,” said Thomas Loeser of Hagens Berman Sobol Shapiro. “I can’t think of a less desirable client.”

Here’s the link:  Courting Ashley Madison Cases Some Plaintiffs Lawyers Demur | National Law Journal

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