Finding a lawyer: ‘”I Am Incompetent!” Lawyer Argues Unnecessarily’

But not this one. I mean, don’t find this one to help your case.

Even more than the self-declared incompetence, you’ve got to take a gander at what this lawyer is wearing in court. From Lowering the Bar, of course: “I Am Incompetent!” Lawyer Argues Unnecessarily – Lowering the Bar.

It begins:

Last Friday, Dennis Hawver argued to the Kansas Supreme Court that he should not be disbarred for his representation of Phillip Cheatham in a 2005 trial. As you may suspect, that trial that did not go well for the defense.¬†Certainly, the fact that the defendant was sentenced to death, as well as several lengthy prison terms just in case, itself says nothing at all about the skill of the defense attorney. An attorney may provide entirely competent or even the best possible representation and yet the client may still lose. In fact, this happens to someone in pretty much every case. It’s an adversary system. One side or the other is normally going to lose, but almost always both sides have received at least competent representation.

This was not one of those cases.

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