Finding a lawyer: Law school clinics

Here’s another (sort of) secret way to find a lawyer when you have a civil case — not a criminal one — but no money.

For many years, I’ve known that law schools often have law clinics which function as practical, real-life legal experience for law students, and offer access to legal help for people who can’t afford a lawyer. I’ve just been reminded by this article in UVA Today, a publication from the University of Virginia: Access to Justice Partnership Helps Low-Income Charlottesville Residents Navigate Legal Hurdles | UVA Today.

University of Virginia Law School is not the only law school that has clinics of this kind.

If you find yourself with a problem and can’t afford a lawyer, pull together the record of your situation — I’ve written a lot about how to do this here, under the categories Making and keeping a record, and Preliminary investigation. Next, look up every law school in your area and call or visit the web site or even visit the law school itself to see whether the school has such a law clinic, and can help you.

I wish I didn’t have to say “good luck.” I wish it were not a matter of luck.



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