Finding a lawyer: must you evaluate a potential lawyer for his (lack of) socks?

Last time I noticed that not wearing socks was a haberdashery fetish was when I worked in the film business.

But thanks to Lowering the Bar, we know there’s a judge who doesn’t like the look on lawyers:

COMES NOW your humble correspondent and hereby gives notice of the fact that on August 25, 2014, in the matter of In re Proper Courtroom Attire, then pending in the Circuit Court of Blackford County, Indiana, Judge Dean A. Young, presiding, the aforementioned judge did issue an order regarding proper courtroom attire for male attorneys appearing in the aforementioned Court, viz., that socks are not optional:


What can I say? That it happened in Indiana, foreign territory?

Here’s Kevin Underhill’s entire piece (which also discusses ties): Order Requiring Socks – Lowering the Bar.

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