Finding a lawyer: not this one

I got this from the New York Law Journal’s abstracts:

Appellate Term, First Department

CRJ Realty Corp., Petitioner-Landlord-Appellant v. Norma Pezzoti Espinal, Respondent-Tenant-Respondent -and- “John Doe” and “Jane Doe,” Respondents-Undertenants, 570584/14

Landlord/Tenant Law/Legal Profession

Panel Finds Default in Non-Payment Action Resulted From Ex-Lawyer’s Mental Illness

Here’s my interpretation, because I can’t get the full story: a tenant had some conflict with her landlord, hired a lawyer, didn’t pay her rent (presumably on the advice of her lawyer), landlord sued to evict her and meanwhile the lawyer, who was supposed to handle the transaction, went bonkers and didn’t. Handle the transaction, that is.

Wow. I have a tag called “how lawyers drive their clients crazy.” I don’t have a tag called “how lawyers go crazy all by themselves.” And I never thought to work out a way of interviewing lawyers to determine whether they’re psychotic.

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