Finding a lawyer: Pro bono legal advice

I picked up this news about pro bono legal advice from the National Law Journal. A Cardozo Law School clinic offers legal help ti independent filmmakers.

Students Earn Credits — Movie Credits, That Is

Karen Sloan, The National Law Journal

Cardozo clinic provides pro bono counsel to independent filmmakers who lack deep financial resources.

And then I picked up this news from the New York Law Journal announcing an expansion of legal services to low-income immigrants in New York and New Jersey:

Immigration Justice Corps Expands Its Legal Services

Mark Hamblett, New York Law Journal   

The Immigration Justice Corps, which provides legal representation to low-income immigrants in New York City, is expanding to Long Island, northern New Jersey and the lower Hudson Valley.

I’ve provided, above, the links to both the Immigration Justice Corps and the Cardozo indie film clinic. And do take a look at Cardozo’s clinics in other areas, as well.

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